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10 November 2009 @ 11:48 am
     While I might offer my apologies for the obvious overlong absence, with infallible foresight, I forewarned of such occurrences at the beginning of this coded communication. Thus, I have nothing more to say but that, for the moment, I have readily returned.

     The fifth passed for me with pleasant percussion and though most of you doubtless did not do anything to mark the occasion, it is to be hoped that the day is ignored only by virtue of perpetual perseverance to the plight, not only observed once a year in the contemporary custom of commercial conversion. Even now they are hawking Guy Fawkes masks, marketing makeshift monochrome costumes and promoting paltry plastic pieces in place of ideas and original thought to complete a costume. Soon they will be selling sugarcoated slogans under the guise of open-mindedness, now innocuous but before long brainwashing, bleaching out every belief to bring the safety of sanitary thought.

     Do what you will, but be content, that in such choice as you make doth follow and dictate all your days e're you sleep. 


26 October 2006 @ 03:40 pm

Preparations have impeded this pending entry for some time. My apologies.

November the fifth is nearly upon us and though I cannot promise the fabulous fireworks of freedom, I can be relied upon to remind everyone that this historical day must not pass ignorantly unacknowledged.  

If you do not believe in freedom, in the allowance to our own faulty human feelings and thoughts, then I say, very well, confine creativity of self and capitulate to the consensual conformity of convention. Content and cloistered in the superior sense of artificial autonomy, dwell as you always dwell, in shy simplified cowardice.

If, however, you want more than this life has thus offered, remember this fifth of November for the idea of change, for the immensity of action, for the intense desire for freedom. This idea is hard won and in need of habitual affirmation. Feel it, affirm it, find within yourself the strength to stand and be proud for all that makes you an individual.

Nothing worthwhile ever comes without cost.


28 August 2006 @ 01:32 am
     When the mind is idle, indeed a dangerously inactive state where it can almost be persuaded to believe blindly, I desire nothing more than to find patient pursuits with which to engage myself -- whether it be some Alexandre Dumas hardcover or beloved oldie of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer days -- decadently adorning the crimson couch of my living room. Though I lack for no such amusement, being as my collection is vast if a little haphazard in its organisation, the banned bindings of my books or the censored celluloid of my films do not hold the key to my contentedness this night. I am restless. And in my restlessness I have explored the neglected crevasses of my closets, the confused contents of the building and the chaotic tranquillity of London's nighttime scenery. 
     Desperate for longer-lasting amusement, I returned here, resigned to rest should this resource prove unhelpful to while away the myriad of minutes. Fortunately, I have not been misled into thinking that this is a greater escape than mere coding can provide. It is magic, built of a complex functioning from one box to another, by electric signals and rippling wires, and, for me, undetectable through my meticulous tampering of building provisions.  

Current Location: Shadow Gallery
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Current Music: Queen ~ Another One Bites the Dust
25 August 2006 @ 04:43 pm
     As is the case with most who live alone, breathe alone, exist alone in a world that has forgotten -- or worse been told  (and believe) that the past is not important but the future -- us, us who refuse to give in and give over our reason, I, who have needed little more than my own rage to ensure my continuing progress until now, have succumbed to a charming method for the coherent viewing of my own thoughts. Namely, this journal.  
     While others may plod on with their own means of managing their emotions and thoughts, and I like any other have tried this, I have become far too preoccupied to give myself much thought thus requiring the use of an alternative device. As this branching subterranean structure is a place for my body to inhabit as such time as sees fit, so this shall be for my mind, a space for what little humanity I possess to come forth, for it is rare that I allow it that much freedom now. 
     While I shall probably be an infrequent author, knowing that my own pursuits require much attention and leave little room for emotionality, I shall endeavour to relate what I am able, should Inspiration strike and I be left helpless to resist the urge. 

Current Location: Shadow Gallery
Current Mood: serene